Tanekh Villa Claustrophobia

One of the most pop rock sounding releases ever released from avant label Alien 8; despite the fact that liner art of this CD looks like stills from the Temple of Doom. This album explores the darker side of human emotion, as in the almost dirge like "In Every Villa..." and the brooding "Pharaoh's Lonely Daughter," as well as beautiful folk ballads with East Indian musical flavouring, as on "Stereognosis" and "Prayers In The Pavilions." A particular favourite is the winsome and steamy love ballad "Gently Johnny," which could have been written by the Moody Blues in their younger days. Villa Claustrophobia is a tasteful blend of East meets West musical styles that brushes a spectrum of human feeling in the form of well-crafted songs tinged with longing, from the emotional to the sensual. (Alien8)