Tamgirl 66 Milton, Ontario

Tamgirl 66 Milton, Ontario
Who are you?
Tamgirl 66

What are you up to?
Checking out the Leafs/Canadiens game with Leafs leading 5-2.

Hometown and current HQ:
Montreal, Milton.

Current fixations:
Wanting to snowboard, writing, hanging out with Emm.

Mind altering work of art:
Brad Pitt.

Most memorable/inspirational gig? And why?
Radiohead, April 6th, 1996 at Varsity Arena in Toronto.

What should everyone shut up about?
Backstreet Boys!

Your greatest strength/weakness:
Strength: Good with people.
Weakness: Stubborn.

Your vital daily ritual:

Guilty pleasure:
Anything sweet.

If I wasn't playing music I would be:
Playing pro girl hockey.

Your most memorable day job:
Coatcheck girl.

Best/worst advice received:
Best: "Don't kiss your Uncles." – Dad
Worst: "He's too young for you." - Mark

I would drop everything to play a benefit for:

What makes you want to take it off and get it on?

What personal trait would make you kick someone out of your band and/or bed? And have you?
Not playing well with others.

When I think of Canada I think…
Snow, diversity, excellent bands, and toques.

Music and sex: Is there a difference? Why?
Both can invoke tremendous feeling.

Strangest brush with celebrity:
My sister and I went to The Player's Challenge in Montreal. I laughed and said quite badly, ‘Ha! That looks like Pierre Trudeau.' He turned and looked at us and winked. And his security guys were close behind.

What does your mom wish you were doing instead?
My mom isn't around as she passed away 11 years ago, but she always wanted me to be happy.