The Tamborines

Camera & Tremor

BY Michael EdwardsPublished Aug 3, 2010

The Tamborines obviously know their stuff. Citing bands such as the Jesus & Mary Chain and Sonic Youth as influences, it's hard not to be somewhat excited by what lies ahead. And they've even managed to build up a little hype based on some singles they released last year. Yet despite making all the right moves, Camera & Tremor isn't the glorious, fuzzy din it promises to be. Wedged firmly between C86 and the glory days of shoegazing, Camera & Tremor tries desperately to capture the nuances of the time but comes off as rather ordinary. Yet every so often there is an inkling that something remarkable might be about to happen; it could be the wave of feedback that precedes a guitar solo that doesn't live up to expectations or the female backing vocals that provide a much-needed contrast to Henrique Laurindo's uninspired delivery. Apart from a couple of songs where they cut loose and get it right, namely "Let Me Down" and "Falling Slowly," it never fits into place and much of Camera & Tremor is more Chapterhouse and Spirea X than My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. Close, but oh-so-far away.

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