TALWST "Peace Tonight"

TALWST 'Peace Tonight'
Inspired by John Lennon's "Give Peace a Chance," TALWST's starkly minimal "Peace Tonight" evokes a slightly less optimistic-sounding plea to the world. Check it out for yourself now.

The downtempo, R&B-infused track, produced by Illangelo (the Weeknd, Airplane Boys), is driven by melancholic crescendos and moody piano runs that accent the song's less-is-more approach.

While Lennon chanted "all we are saying is give peace a chance," TALWST preaches "please no nuclear bombs, keep your finger off the button" -- a mantra that when combined with the track's comparatively darker sound, seems as though TALWST is pleading to a society that has declined into a state that would distress the late-great Beatle if he were alive today.

Check out "Peace Tonight" below.

The song comes as part of the International Day of Peace, which takes place today (September 21) and aims to be an annual project.

Peace Tonight by TALWST