Talk Talk to Give 1991's 'Laughing Stock' Long-Awaited Vinyl Reissue

Talk Talk to Give 1991's 'Laughing Stock' Long-Awaited Vinyl Reissue
If you've ever tried to find a copy of Talk Talk's 1991 swan song Laughing Stock on eBay, then you know that vinyl copies of the long out-of-print record can fetch a pretty penny. Well, we have some good news for music lovers on a budget: the LP is finally getting a much-needed reissue.

Laughing Stock is a far cry from the radio-friendly synth pop that band is frequently remembered for. The album's experimental textures and eclectic live instrumentation made it a highly influential record in the world of post-rock and repeatedly has been seen as a major Radiohead influence over the years.

With just six sprawling songs, this genre-busting collection took a year to record -- a process the band would never again repeat, as they broke up soon after completing the album.

Laughing Stock originally came out onVerve, but on October 11, Ba Da Bing will be giving the collection its first-ever North American vinyl release. It's about damn time.

UPDATE: We've also now learned that Talk Talk's Mark Hollis will also be reissuing his self-titled 1998 solo album via Ba Da Bing. It's due out October 11 and will mark the first time the album has seen a vinyl release in North America.

Laughing Stock:

1. "Myrrhman"
2. "Ascension Day"
3. "After the Flood"
4. "Taphead"
5. "New Grass"
6. "Runeii"