Takuma Itoi Quietude

If anything is for certain in electronic music, it’s that creating an album’s worth of glitch compositions that doesn’t drift off into complete inaccessibility, become mind-numbingly boring or feel as cold and impersonal as penis enlargement spam emails is tough stuff to pull off. Takuma Itoi has taken this tough challenge and turned it on its head by debuting with the beautiful and delicate Quietude, a miraculous album that floats by with cheerful, organic melody to spare. Warm currents of spare space are accented with atom-thin blips and passing-by rings, as alien-sounding rhythmic breaths circle fluidly about your senses. Quietude is filled with the soothing sounds of dreams and slumber, an enchanting experience that is as calming as it is gripping. This is definitely the stuff of late-night chilling out, but it should also serve well as inspiring background music while you’re working on your artistic endeavour of choice, provide the generally good vibes you need for hanging with friends in your ultra nouveau urban apartment, or be an inspiring soundtrack to your nature walk next spring. Quietude is an immensely promising debut. (Dulc-i-Tone)