Téhu EP Boulevard

Téhu  EP Boulevard
Téhu is a talented keyboardist and producer, and his Unlog debut is founded on his love for electric pianos (the titular "EP" actually stands for "Electric Piano"). Every track features at least three or four different keyboard sounds, plus some tasty jazz solos and funk riffs layered in with slick but warm production.
One element that stands out is Téhu's tendency for slightly proggy modes that keep things interesting (his Bandcamp mentions the influence of Québécois prog legends Harmonium). "Téhucaster" will keep tripping you up if you try to count along, but "Electronic Reeding" is more danceable — Téhu has figured out a way to marry funk and waltz rhythms more smoothly than one might have though possible.
The live videos on Unlog's website are also great evidence of Téhu's talents. Live looping of rhythmically intricate material can be risky since it needs to lineup perfectly, but he makes it look effortless.
"Inimitable" is notable as the only track with vocals, and while the English and French rap verses (by Hax Medroom and Helmé, respectively) are fine, the chords are a little boring for the repeated stepwise bass motion, and unconvincing in their minor-key menace. The instrumental version could've been left off the album.
Regardless, EP Boulevard is a great album. Téhu's blending of analog and electronic textures and his tasteful playing make it the kind of music you can curl up to near a fire with a good book and some tea, or take on a long night drive. (Unlog)