​Syracuse Metallica Fan Finally Finds His Lost Car Following Toronto Show

​Syracuse Metallica Fan Finally Finds His Lost Car Following Toronto Show
Syracuse dude Gavin Strickland took a roadtrip to Toronto and rocked out at Metallica's Rogers Centre show on Sunday night (July 16) — but he had to find alternate transportation home.
The 19-year-old's travels went viral earlier this week, after he was unable to find his car following the show. He parked his blue-green Nissan Versa on the first floor of a parking garage "somewhere" within an $8 cab fare radius of the Rogers Centre, but was absolutely unable to track it down on Sunday night — searching the city well into Monday before calling his parents and preparing for their wrath.
He ended up having to take a bus back to Syracuse, while his dad ignited a city-wide scavenger hunt by posting an ad on Craiglist, offering a $100 cash reward to anyone who could track down the missing car. Just this morning (July 20) Strickland took to Twitter to announce that his wheels had finally been found.
He informed his followers that his story was "so crazy" it had made the news all over Canada, declaring: "I've become famous over a lost car."
It's unclear how and when he plans to return to pick up his vehicle, though Strickland did appear on CBC Morning Live this morning via Skype to discuss the ordeal and express his gratitude that Torontonians jumped at the chance to help him out.
Watch the clip of Strickland on CBC below.
Strickland's Twitter bio describes him as a Blue Jays fan, so there's a good chance he could be returning to the Rogers Centre again in the near future. Next time, though, maybe he should opt to just Ride the Lightning rather than going through the hassle of remembering where he parked his car.