The Sword "The Veil of Isis" (video)

The Sword 'The Veil of Isis' (video)
Last month, Texas metal titans the Sword delivered their Apocryphon LP, which guitarist Kyle Shutt described as containing "10 banging hard rockers." Despite the straight-forwardness of new Sabbath-y tune "The Veil of Isis," though, the outfit have let loose a pretty trippy video clip to support the song.

The Simon Chan-directed vid initially finds a young woman exploring some eerie urban underworld to meet a rug-sporting shaman who supplies her with some reality-bending tablets. Her spirit quests find her soaring through desert scenes in the nude, save for, presumably said Veil of Isis. The more trips she takes, the more she seems to be in control of the cosmos.

Check her out as she rebels against the pusher and his cronies in the player down below.