Swirl People Swirl It Up

Belgian house project Swirl People are a duo consisting of producer/engineer Dimitri Dewever and DJ "Raoul” Belmans. Once established independently, the pair teamed up in 1996 and have since collectively released over 60 twelve-inch singles and a handful of studio albums, not to mention numerous remixes and side-projects for the likes of Arsenal, Wam Kidz, Fred Everything and Street Corner Symphony. With that much ammo under their belts it comes as no surprise that Belmans’ record label, Aroma, has ballooned into one of the biggest house labels worldwide, while Belmans himself has gained stature as one of the world’s finest and highly respected house DJs. Swirl It Up offers a fresh sound for house music with first track "When I Think of You” featuring Chicago-based DJ Heather on vocals. The album is permeated with funk-infused bass lines, most notably on the smoothly delivered "Like to Boogie” and "Ride the Pony.” The one track that loudly stands out is the Latin spiced "To the Restaurant,” which sounds more like a Spanish For Beginners tape fused with a steady beat and spattered with keyboard. On the whole, Swirl It Up presents a score of danceable anthems and funk-ridden beats courtesy of the highly sought after Swirl People. (Aroma)