Sweet Spirit Lose Their Grit on Glam-Pop New Album 'Trinidad'

BY Oliver CrookPublished May 27, 2020

After two garage-rock albums, Texas's Sweet Spirit decided it was time for a change. The direction? Glam-pop.

Trinidad — named after lead singer Sabrina Ellis's great-grandmother — is '80s music for the 21st century, less danceable and more sad. The music has a subtlety that grows with each listen, as the band seemingly basks in their soft undertones. However, the record depends heavily on the power of Ellis's voice to stop it from passing you by completely.

There are bright spots: "Y2K" builds from a simple electronic melody into a hypnotic, slow-burning earworm. Meanwhile, the quick lyrics and soaring vocals on "Coincidence" make it a track that stands above the rest. A weaving of Spanish-sung lyrics across a few numbers helps Ellis's themes of acceptance and cultural connection hit even harder.

But fans of the punk Cyndi Lauper feel found on 2017's St. Mojo will think they've left the thrift store to go to the mall with a friend. While some people will like the new Cinnabon-sweet sound, others will miss the grit.
(Merge Records)

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