The Sweet Homewreckers From The Letdown To The Comearound

Is it still too early for mid-’90s nostalgia? If so, please don’t tell the Sweet Homewreckers. The Peterborough-based band (who lovingly borrow their name from a Thrush Hermit record) have crafted an album that sounds like it came straight out of Halifax circa 1994. The kids wear their influences on their sleeves but manage to sound fresh despite re-treading familiar ground. It’s all there — the handclaps, the harmonies and the peppy dance songs balanced out by earnest ballads. Even Cam Malcom’s plaintive singing voice seems familiar, made up of equal parts Joel Plaskett, Wayne Petti and Matt Murphy. This one’s worth a few spins for "Nineties On Your Side” and "True Love Denies,” instant classics for the Converse One Star set. For true fans of the ’90s East Coast explosion, From The Letdown To The Comearound sounds like home sweet home. (Put On Your Drinking Cap)