Swearing At Motorists Last Night Becomes This Morning

While their name may imply anger at people in motion, the recording locations for this endeavour showcase the fact that this twosome were seemingly always on the move. Recorded in Berlin, London, Bloomington, Philadelphia and, wait for it, Dayton, Last Night certainly gives transitory feeling to the songs, but this really isn’t that great an asset. There’s no denying Swearing at Motorists have a goal in mind with this project, but there doesn’t seem to be enough meat on the bones here, leaving these tracks as interesting sketches. Maybe it was the fact that most of these songs were crafted on the go, but the flow between songs jars the listener than allowing them to get into the mood the music is aiming for. For example, "You Will Not Die Tonight (Probably)” shows a harder, visceral edge that definitely stands out, but when its followed by an ephemeral, acoustic number like "Done in a Hurry,” the impact is lost. While no one likes a houseguest who hangs around too long, you still want to welcome them into your home a little. (Secretly Canadian)