Swayzak / Various Route de la Slack

London based duo Swayzak (James Taylor and David Brown) have released this double CD gem. The first disc is a compilation of remixes from artists such as Señor Coconut and Quark, as well as a remix of a track Swayzak had done with Detroit artist Theorem. This disc reveals Swayzak’s signature sonic spectrum between dubbed-out space tech and more dance-oriented enduring numbers, crafted to persuade the listener that something serious is at stake in this music. The second disc is a remixed compilation of their hard to find rarities produced from 1994 to 2005. "Grace’s State,” a rarity highlight, incorporates a simple looping bass line and a gradually elevating misty synth that breaks apart into more complex melodic structures. Like the original, a remix from State of Grace (originally found on Playhouse compilation Famous When Dead II) features Kirsty Hackshaw, a vocalist who sang the early rave anthem "Halcyon On + On” by Orbital. In this remix, Swayzak manipulate her vocals to sound like the ethereal and angelic callings from "Halcyon.” "Mike up your Mind” is more of a dramatic dance floor hit than the original version, full with a relentless four-to-the-floor house beat. (!K7)