Suzuki Kid AC/DC CD

A stellar follow-up release to the granite-crushing Doom Doom Doom, AC/DC CD is one of the roughest, meanest and hardest recordings to pick up and run where Atari Teenage Riot left off. The AC/DC CD features eight cuts with brazenly obnoxious foulmouthed MCing, along with instrumental versions of the tracks. Suzuki Kid works with heavy breaks that rumble through to distortion levels while the highly compressed beats easily reach 600 bpms, if not more. This sonic warlock alternates between speed and high impact, like choosing between being attacked by a pile driver or a wrecking ball. "Blastbreakatko" is a landmark track - Suzuki Kid's declaration of bad-assness - as he demonstrates the power of his lethal sonic arsenal and the know how to use it. "Sexdrugzdrumnbass" says it all, pure overwhelming decadence in well-sculpted noise. I pity the fool who is clueless enough to step to him when Suzuki claims "I eat nails for breakfast, with four cups of coffee" and makes tracks that noise drum & bass wizards Alec Empire and Panacea could take tips from. (Total Zero)