Surfer Blood "I'm Not Ready" (live)

Surfer Blood 'I'm Not Ready' (live)
We previously learned that Florida rockers Surfer Blood would be releasing an EP called I'm Not Ready before getting to work on their major label debut with Warner Bros. Records. The details of the EP are still forthcoming, but we now have a live recording of the title track to tide us over.

"I'm Not Ready" was recorded during a fall 2010 concert in Washington, DC. The song is in a similar vein to last year's Astro Coast, with winding guitar licks and sunny pop melodies giving way to echoing, atmospheric bridge. Okay, so singer JP Pitts sounds a little pitchy and hoarse, but it's a catchy tune that bodes well for the band's forthcoming release.

Go to Surfer Blood's official website to download the track in exchange for an email address.

I'm Not Ready was originally slated to come out on April 5 via Kanine, but given the lack of further details, that release date will likely be pushed back.