Surface 10 In Vitro Tide

In In Vitro Tide, frenetic, highly detailed programming that sounds occupied to the point of flirting with chaos is juxtaposed with soundscapes that dissipate into an ambient electric limbo. Surface 10 is sometimes dark and coldly mechanical, and sometimes bright with the warmer polyrhythms of IDM. Dancing to this album might prove to be a challenge, but so would standing still and just listening. This is music for the serious techno head, as this album makes no attempt at sounding like anything other than purely electronic. Surface 10 is producer Dean De Benedictis, an ambitious technology enthusiast who explores human perception of machines through electronic music, and in the process hopes to glimpse how machines might perceive us "organics." But the machine is an extension of humans as highlighted in the liner sleeve statement, "As the cryptic child of nature, technology sings." (DiN)