The Surf the Sundried The Surf the Sundried

Names of bands can either lure people closer to their music or have them running away manically, and while the Surf the Sundried may draw an arched eyebrow at its needless verbosity, it is actually a wonderfully appropriate name. The songs here have a perfect beach fire, hazily shambolic feel to them that imbues a great sense of warmth and intimacy, allowing the listener to nestle in close. With over 20 tracks to tickle the senses, it is virtually guaranteed that not all of them work, but, for the most part, the Surf the Sundried strike gold more often than naught. There are two major song types found here: the easy, guitar-plucked heart warmer and the noisy, abrasive psych-out. Look to standouts "The Fall” and "Rocking Horse” for stellar examples of the former and completely avoid "Burning” for dreadful examples of the latter. The track that straddles the two and shows both aspects of their name is "October Suite.” It starts off with a lonely, echoed guitar over some hushed chorus, and this gorgeously builds, along with some dissonant feedback, into a spectacular psych-rock, drug-fuelled haze. Reminiscent of peers Dead Meadow, "October Suite” is the ultimate sign of the Surf the Sundried’s admirable ambitions. (Attack 9)