Supersystem A Million Microphones

It takes a brave band to acknowledge the faults of the past. In the press for their second album, Supersystem mention their old band, El Guapo, along with inserting a Village Voice review that was scathing to old El Guapo’s live show. The resulting review was actually somewhat lukewarm to Supersystem’s live charms as well. Well, bounce back they have and this album bursts with energy though the dance punk genre, which seems just a tad well-trod at this point. Yeah, LCD Soundsystem are still fun, but the Rapture, with every passing month, seem to be destined to be relegated to "remember when?” status. Well, how’s about we just ignore the above points and take the music for what it is — fun as shit. Looking to opener, "Not the Concept,” it’s hard to stop that shaking foot from taking over and "White Light/White Light” might inspire a little frenzy dance from even the most jaded Williamsburg resident. For those who like their beats and guitars frantic and angular, you won’t be disappointed, but those seeking the latest and original continuation of dance punk should spend their money on sewing those split jeans back together. (Touch and Go)