Supers Spklanng!

Appearing from the ashes of the highly touted Fall Down Go Boom, the Supers have managed with their debut to far exceed what their predecessors did with their two albums. Since forming the Supers, Maury LaFoy and Graham Powell (the two members the bands have in common) are taking a slightly different pathway than before - they are now very much a power pop combo of the highest calibre. Their debut CD, Spklanng!, was unofficially released in Canada in the summer of 1999, and even with such a limited distribution it managed to make quite a few waves at that point. Now that it's being given a second chance, thanks to California's Permanent Press Recordings, it should reach a much wider and appreciative audience. Musically, the Supers have a lot in common with some of the top bands in the genre (such as the Rooks, Frisbee and their kin), in that every song is a straightforward, no nonsense, catchy pop tune that gets better with every listen. There's not much to complain about here at all - none of the 12 songs could be described as weak (maybe in part thanks to the fact that they replaced two for the re-release) and there's a real hummability throughout every track. Spklanng! is a very, very good album indeed. Canada should be exceptionally proud. (Tri-Pop)