Superpitcher/Various Today

Following up his vastly underrated full-length debut Here Comes Love from last spring, Aksel Schauffler (aka Superpitcher) has assembled this mix disc to showcase his talents behind the decks. Like label-mate Michael Mayer, Schauffler tends toward letting the natural connections between tracks build the mix instead of technique-heavy wrangling. What sets this mix apart from the innumerable other comps out there is Schauffler’s wise decision to cultivate a specific mood of austerity rather than go on for an assembly of bona fide hits. Lawrence’s "Spark” sets the initial tone, and the disc gradually builds from there, climaxing with highlights like Matias Aguaya’s stellar remix of Mayer’s already imitable "Lovefood” and the Psychonauts’ Depeche Mode-leaning "World Keeps Turning.” In between, Kompakt-related names like DJ Koze, Wighnomy Bros., Triola, and Superpitcher’s own "Happiness” all show up, adding first-rate texture to a spare and well-planned set. Air-proofed chanteur Sebastian Tellier finishes things off, rounding out a disc that provides yet another dimension to an artist we already know as an audaciously talented remixer and producer. (Kompakt)