Superdrag Last Call For Vitriol

While their major label horror story is now taught as a case study in music school, Knoxville, Tennessee's Superdrag has survived to release a strong fourth album. Things have changed for the band yet again, personally and musically, but singer/guitarist John Davis admits that something had to happen. "A lot of the songs are about wanting to find a better place and wanting to make a change," he explains. "I really had no intentions to make any changes, but it came to a point in my life where I had to." The changes can be heard immediately on Last Call For Vitriol, especially when the second track, "I Can't Wait," comes in, which features bassist Sam Powers on vocals. The song takes the band in a new direction, sonically, leaning more towards classic rock influences like Kiss and Thin Lizzy. Davis admits, "When we started writing together, it was just real natural and easy to do. We can sit down in 30 minutes and knock out a song. We kind of share a brain sometimes. I'll have one line, he'll have the next." Last Call... continues the bands tradition of crafting guitar-heavy pop songs that get in your head and stay there. "Feeling Like I Do" shines with the same pop genius that filled Superdrag's first two records, but it is the leadoff track that will catch the most attention. "Baby Goes To Eleven" is a terrific ballad featuring the harmonic talents of the great Bob Pollard. Asked how that came about, Davis replies, "Well, we met those guys about four years ago and we kind of hit it off. We crossed paths here and there. Greg [of Arena Rock] kind of struck up this friendship with GBV's management and they had this dialogue going about having them on Arena Rock. We were getting the new record ready and Greg sent the record to Bob Pollard. One thing led to another and he said he was interested in singing some harmonies." And just like that, they created their best song yet. (Arena Rock)