Supercrush "Lifted"

Supercrush 'Lifted'
While Mark Palm has been known to crush it in metal and hardcore acts like Black Breath, Devotion and Go It Alone, his new band Supercrush conjures up a much more sprightly sound, as evidenced by debut tune "Lifted."

As a press release for the outfit puts it, Palm and co-pilot Aaron O'Neil (Devotion, On) "explore the saccharine side of things" via oversaturated '90s fuzz-pop guitar tones, and sleep-eyed vocal harmonies. Stylistically, it falls somewhere between the slower songs off of Jawbreaker's Dear You and the shoegaze-worship of Palm's last pop project, Modern Charms.

"Lifted" will appear on a two-song 7-inch backed by B-side "Melt Into You (Drift Away)" this July on Bedside Records.