Sunshine Fix A Future History of A Sunshine Fix

Bill Doss, founder of the Olivia Tremor Control, takes a tip from his companions and travels down a new path of his own making. At one time, "A Sunshine Fix" was just an OTC song; now it's a full-on conceptual framework that seems to be missing the frame. While OTC could often be criticised for lacking focus, this EP would seem to indicate that Doss was a big part of the problem. Although thankfully lacking in meandering squeals, this introductory session presents five tracks that move from stylised psychedelia into drum & bass experimentation and then on to a country hoe-down, a '70s glam ballad and some Jimmy Buffet beach music to close the proceedings. What's even more frightening is that its all pretty good. Apparently a full-length album and tour are in the works. (Kindercore)