Sunroof! Cloudz

While many feel that Matthew Bower reached his creative pinnacle under the Sunroof! moniker with its last release Bliss, the Skullflower guitarist proves with this new offering there are still new directions he can take this experimental drone project. Decidedly less noisy than previous releases, Cloudz overall has a more organic feel to it, reminiscent in many ways of early Krautrock electronica like Kluster and Harmonia, especially the latter band’s debut release. Which isn’t to say that there is no guitar wizardry to be found; the album’s sixth track "Tornado Rose Canoe” features some twisted guitar leads that would make late Quicksilver Messenger Service axeman John Cipollina proud. Had I heard this album in late 2003 when it was released, it would have been on my top ten for the year. (VHF)