Sun Kil Moon "I Love Portugal"

Sun Kil Moon 'I Love Portugal'
Mark Kozelek may not be issuing his next Sun Kil Moon record until early next year, but he's offered up another stream-of-conscious preview from the two-disc Common As Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood. Titled "I Love Portugal," it finds him contemplating, among other things, a big move.

The track gels on a back-and-forth, two-chord arrangement that recalls the more optimistic-sounding pieces of Kozelek's Red House Painters' catalogue. A travelogue, it has Kozelek lamenting the fact that he has to head to Zurich, when he'd rather just listen to the birds out in Porto. Throughout the song, he offers up various details about shoe shops, soundchecks, and the possibility of picking up some property. He also veers off-topic a bit to discuss the recent shooting in Dallas that left sniper Micah Xavier Johnson exploded at the hands of a robot.

You can sample the heady mix of info over here, while the new Sun Kil Moon album arrives in full February 28 through Kozelek's own Caldo Verde Records.