The Sun Harmonic


BY Joshua KlokePublished May 11, 2010

It takes a lot of guts to do what Kaleb Hikele has done. Performing with scream acts (Far From Freedom) and alt-rock trios (the Capitol) in the past, Hikele has reinvented himself as a classically trained folk artist playing under the moniker the Sun Harmonic. And as the sparse, yet startlingly genuine, arrangements on his debut full-length illustrate, Hikele is ready to bare his soul to anyone who will listen. Each of the ten tracks on Chemistry allows for lots of room to breathe, from the acoustic, pseudo-spacey groove of "Ready To Flood" to "If I Fall," which not only highlights Hikele's sombre side, but also his affinity for dusty, twangy folk. Presumably free of any artistic constraints, Hikele explores a variety of musical and thematic undertones on Chemistry, usually with fortuitous grace. His voice climbs above any barriers on "All You Need," proving that to make a strong and well-rounded record all you really need is yourself, and a little bit of courage.

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