Sun Sun

I could almost smell the pot smouldering from the speakers the moment I played disc one of this two-disc set. Sun exudes a laid-back-in-a-daze style of post-rock. Sun radiates retro-style post-rock (if that term is not too contradictory) not unlike Sloan except the former have a more intimate playing style that unfurls like smoke on a sultry summer night. The vocals by Sun are articulated like someone just woke up the singer from a doze and flicked the microphone switch on. Like Sloan, this band has catchy tunes with hooks that will grab you by the ear lobes and drag you over to the speakers for a heady whiff of this good stuff. Disc two contains introspective remixes as in rearrangements of the original tune with electronic accents by the likes of Hrvatski and Rafael Toral. If disc one is a heady trip, than disc two is like dragging the music of Sun through a hall of mirrors where the songs are twisted and manipulated into something abstract yet still fun. (Staubgold)