Sun I'll Be the Same

Oren Ambarchi and Chris Townend switch back from their artist/producer dynamic to their group one for this second effort on Staubgold. As with the eponymous debut, a pun-obliging sunniness touches the diffusive songs until you can’t always spot a structure amongst the lens flares. Tracks like "Mosquito” and "Smile” channel fragments of classic cracked psychedelia beamed from Donovan to Brian Wilson to CSNY. The image of a Laurel Canyon mega-jam at its psilocybin peak spilling over into Venice Beach or Malibu also comes to mind. Ambarchi and Townend apply a loose improvisational approach to broader tracks like "Help Yourself” and "Soul Pusha,” which results in wonderful "first-take” instrumental collisions and drumming that defies any time-keeping theories. The Animal Collective have occasionally mapped out songs like "Bruise Things,” with its mix of acoustic trippiness, electronic arabesque and found sounds. Sun, however, take this map, read it upside down and stumble onto a bridge that drifts off into the morning fog. I’ll Be the Same may test the patience if you’re expecting common sense to be the guide but if you’re willing to abandon steering, you may be ready for this ride. (Staubgold)