Sully Erna Avalon

Seven years for this? The biggest question behind Sully Erna ― the prime motivator behind false metal outfit Godsmack ― and his debut solo venture Avalon isn't why it took seven years to make this but if it took him that long to reassure himself it was a good idea. Guess again, buddy. A world-influenced album focusing on his religion (Wiccan, for those who care) and his appreciation for saccharine alt-radio rock plastered with djembes, bongos and sand shakers, this is presumably an example of him striving to showcase a new aspect of his personality. Crooning away like some sort of hard rock Kenny Chesney and letting far too much synthesizer into the mix, the album will surely be appreciated by those who love dancing around fires and pretending they're spiritual or people wanting to fall asleep to something other than pan flutes and waterfalls. It won't do much for those whose only religion features the Holy Quartet (Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica and Anthrax, of course), distorted guitars and no watery, tinkling keys for atmosphere, however. But then again, did anything Erna created before this experience in new age wankery anyway? (Universal Republic)