Suicideyear Reissues 'Japan' Mixtape, Shares New Video

Suicideyear Reissues 'Japan' Mixtape, Shares New Video
Last year, Baton Rouge producer James Prudhomme signed his Suicideyear project to Software Recording Co. and released his Remembrance EP. Before he follows it up with some new material, he'll revisit and reissue his debut mixtape.

Initially shared in 2012, the Japan mixtape will soon be reissued via Software. The release's songs have been reworked, as the label explains, "so as to avoid the ghosts of samples past."

The press release goes on to call Japan "hypnotic and in the flow," explaining that the songs "hit harder now, but there is a new sort of angelic sheen to them as well."

For a further understanding of what the release will sound like, you can watch director Serena Forghieri's brand new video for "Interest" below.

Japan will be available on vinyl and as a digital download on March 10 via Software. The release will also be bundled with Remembrance on a new CD called DREAM 727.


1. Intro
2. Hate In My Heart
3. St Petes
4. Dropp
5. Kuuuuush
6. Scarr
7. Interest
9. DXXIX - Kaykay
10. Hurry
11. Over
12. Outro
13. Everytime