The Sugarhill Gang Recording First Album in over a Decade

The Sugarhill Gang Recording First Album in over a Decade
In news that's sure to, well, delight hip-hop heads, it looks as if classic New York outfit the Sugarhill Gang are working on a new album. While a few years back we learned that the "Rapper's Delight" outfit were working with upstart Brit MC Dizzee Rascal, the gang are reportedly in the studio recording a proper follow-up to their 1999 kids album Jump On It!

Word of the studio sessions comes from director Roger Paradiso, who got close to the crew while making the documentary I Want My Name Back, which concentrates on the troupe's long legal battle with Sugar Hill records over the use of their moniker.

"They're working on a new album and have been for a while," Paradiso revealed to AllHipHop.

Paradiso added that the group got duped over the years via bad contracts that left them with little to no royalties for worldwide smashes like "Rapper's Delight," which topped the Canadian singles chart in January 1980.

"Their recording career came to an end not really because they wanted to, but they were under such a bad contract," he explained. ""They started touring and started learning how they were getting ripped off. When their contract came up, they got legal advice, and they tried to negotiate a better contract and the label didn't want to. They had no publishing control and they certainly weren't paid correctly on the royalty side."

Considering the new album is still in its infancy, neither a tracklisting nor a release date has been set for the disc. This will be the Sugarhill Gang's fifth full-length record overall. Their self-titled debut disc, which included a shortened version of the massively influential "Rapper's Delight" single, came out in 1980.