Submission Hold What Holds Back the Elephant

Submission Hold is one of the most glorious bands to come out of Canada’s West coast in the past little while. Deeply rooted in BC’s DIY scene, this band has reigned the circuit of basement shows and punk squats all the way from here to Eastern Europe. Operating as a collective, Submission Hold have created an incredible album that is as diverse as their membership but still reflects the solidarity between them. There is a lot of focus on politics here as a lot of the lyrical content is centred on war, democracy, and oppression. Musically, this album should be considered an incredible accomplishment. Though it has a primarily punk feel, the band takes it in different directions with an improvised track and some art-rock oriented sounds as well, though nothing is so much of a departure from the rest of the album that it is a distraction. This is a band with great intelligence and talent, and they’re using these qualities to get a message out there. (G-7 Welcoming Committee)