Stuck Out Here Getting Used To Feeling Like Shit

Stuck Out Here Getting Used To Feeling Like Shit
On their Facebook page, boisterous Toronto punks Stuck Out Here list their interests, which include "Not finishing school, kissing girls, drinking and yelling and singing along." And though it clocks in at just 11 minutes, their new EP, Getting Used To Feeling Like Shit, manages to highlight each of these influences rather literally with very little breathing room.

The four melodic punk tracks charge with ceaseless energy that at times showcases what Stuck Out Here are capable of. "Clinton Radars" is laden with the kind introspective self-doubt (and more than enough NHL references) that makes up the bulk of the album's lyrical themes, but the gang vocals come crashing to a halt much too soon.

Album standout "Hangover Sex" chugs along with more gusto than anything else on the EP and "Gertrude Stein" drills in the band's sense of self-loathing with one of their more repetitive riffs. While a band persona is evident, an indication of the direction of their material is much less clear.

There are flashes of brilliance, especially during the rise and fall of "Pass The Time." It's incredibly fun and all, but for a band that seems to understand the frailty of each passing day, their need to wrap up each song much too quickly is holding them back. (Art Drug/Get Party)