Struction 13 Minutes of Love and Doom

The three members of Struction must be geniuses. Somehow they’ve created a 13-minute masterpiece that plays out an orderly chaos in its urgency. This trio delivers a caustic, punchy sound that will make you wonder if they’re breathing fire. Structured with two guitars, drums and roughed up male/female vocals, it’s surprising that so much noise can come from so little. The band embraced the organics of analog for this release and pushed towards a blend of shifting tempos, angular guitars, sharp drums and samples that bounce through the mix. Though each of the seven tracks is obviously going to be short, the thought and detail that went into every kick and growl here is evident. It’s inspiring to know that musicians are exercising their creative rights and doing something outside the music industry’s box. This is a highly impressive noise rock effort that happens so quickly listening to it feels like the equivalent of slugging back a couple cups of coffee. (NFI)