Strike Anywhere Leave Fat Wreck for Bridge Nine

BY Keith CarmanPublished May 21, 2009

In a strange move, melodic hardcore outfit Strike Anywhere have left Fat Wreck Chords after a solitary release, 2006's highly touted Dead FM. Generally speaking, the relationship between artists and Fat Wreck Chords is an enduring one that is only altered when bands make a vertical move up the musical food chain. This news tidbit is interesting because the Richmond, VA-based quintet is moving laterally - although some would argue for and against how it is a downward/upward relocation - to hardcore veteran label Bridge Nine Records for their upcoming fourth full-length Iron Front, which the band will begin recording next week with producer Brian McTernan.

Little information was given on the reasons for departing from Fat. However, Strike Anywhere are clearly as enthused by the shift as Bridge Nine. Vocalist Thomas Barnett told Punknews:

"Bridge Nine has a cool combination of hardcore roots and culture, a love for the life and message. We felt immediately connected to it and understood upon talking with [Bridge Nine founder] Chris [Wrenn] and Karl. They get what we've been doing for the past nearly ten years, and seek to collaborate with us from a place of honesty: old roots, new friendship. The Bridge Nine commitment to the original platforms of hardcore and punk culture while trying to push it forward globally with creative ideas and unity feels like a perfect fit for us. We feel it's important to note that we have nothing but love and good feelings for Fat Wreck Chords. Our four years with that label were great times and a singular experience, so we go forward with their blessing and good will. For us, we just wanted to try something different and give this record a new home, new vision."

As for Iron Front, he notes: "There will be more of an expansion into both the melodic and heavier fast punk that are the foundations of our sound. Songs both global and personal... We also have the happiest, party-while-you-protest song we have ever written. The sound of the record may be a bit heavier and more noisy, a part of our darker, less optimistic side than say the folk influences and street punk jangle of Dead FM. We have mad love for that record though, it's just time for the Iron Front and a return to roots and physicality."

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