Streetwalkin' Cheetahs Waiting For The Death Of My Generation

Nostalgia is supposed to be anathema to punk, but as soon as I slapped this baby in the player it was like I had punched engage on the Wayback Machine. I was instantly transported back to the days prior to officially becoming an Old Fart, when music came on big black shiny things and bands like the Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, Ramones and Damned were scaring the shit out of hippies. It may be a little faster and a tad more metallic, but these guys have that old school punk thing down cold. "Future Lost" has some very choice buzzsaw guitars that strobe and churn in a most delightful way. There's a dash of new wave-y synth in "Automatic" and just a soup can of ska in "White Collar Money." They bring out a horn section for a stoked cover of the Saints' "Know Your Product" and bring them back for the closing "Dirty Mockingbird." This is great. Now, where did I put those safety pins? (Triple X)