StrayOtic StrayOtic

StayOtic's electro-funk and talk box "Intro" spark immediate Daft Punk comparisons, but the programmed hand claps and kick drum quickly meet the band's brand of electro acoustic synthesis. The harmonica, didgeridoo, djembe and jaw harp infusions all work as a multi-instrumental force that drive the album's simple funk rhythms. Never too in-your-face, they provide the breath of life to the four-on-the-floor foundation. StayOtic are at their best in the understated, head-bobbing funk and harmonica of "What Are you Thinking," the lazy shuffle of "Cubicle Stroll" and the forceful groove of "Bouge un peu." StrayOtic may be electro but between the congas and keyboards, the playful vibe is both infectious and unpretentious, making it easy to picture StrayOtic's unified dance moves, which apparently come with the duo's live show.