Strap Strap

Straight up, hard rockin' double guitar action with strong melodies is what you get from Toronto's the Strap on this, their debut CD. This is the sound of guys drinking beer, turning up their amps and blasting out '70s-influenced fast/mid-tempo tunes with lots of guitar solos. Standouts include "Yeah Alright," which sounds like a cross between Spirit's "Got A Line On You" and the Stooges' "Loose." The anthemic "Rock Hard For Love" reveals that these guys have been playing for a few years and fully understand how cruel a mistress rock and roll can be. Three of the four members sing lead vocals, so as the album rolls along each song has its own vibe with either Todd Gallant, Matthieu Gagne or Brian McCoullough laying down their own characteristic style. "This Could Be You," sung by McCullough, has a lead that reminds one of the Who or AC/DC mixed in with Motörhead and the "heavy" Neil Young. The album closes out with an energetic one-two punch with a tale of a rock and roll loser, "Blow Your Brains Out," and a desperate, short/fast punker, "Need You Now." The Strap are a band with a definite direction and cool sound of their own, and the production combined with their material reminds one of early '70s acts like the Flamin' Groovies filtered through a modern understanding of the fine line between good old hard rock and punk. (Steady Burn)