StoneBridge The Flavour, The Vibe

Regarding all those people who said electronic music was too repetitive, this record might make you agree. Club music that emanates belting lyrics and simple beats, Stonebridge’s The Flavour, The Vibe has a place in mainstream dance clubs with sexily clothed patrons drinking expensive martinis and sharing boring conversation. Still, the album is catchy and fun, and the tracks are upbeat. StoneBridge became a force in European dance music early on with his remix of Robin S’s "Show Me Love.” The song was a worldwide hit in 1993. Well-known remixes to follow included Missy Elliot’s "Lose Control” and Armand Van Helden’s "My My My.” The Flavour, The Vibe exemplifies flawless production, but while the house is sexy and pumpin’ it doesn’t strike deeply. The double-disc CD represents club music in its lit-up finery and flair. Highlights include Ed Gusto’s "Roots” and "Helpless” by Decaff with Roland Clark. Unfortunately this record may become tearfully boring fast. In fact, I’m bored of it now. (StoneyBoy)