Still Life Still Pastel

Still Life Still made a bold move signing to Arts and Crafts. Already heavily compared to Broken Social Scene, the group opened themselves up to greater comparisons by signing to the Toronto collective's label. But they simultaneously were declaring they had something different to offer, something to differentiate themselves, and they give a small preview on this three-song disc. The title track begins with single guitar notes before a yelp in the background introduces sweet, comforting vocals overtop the melody. It builds to an epic, Most Serene Republic-esque climax, as group vocals sing with the anticipation that something big is about to happen, but it dwindles back down to the opening sequence, leaving the perfect feeling of wanting more. The following two tracks, "80s on TV" and "Aid," definitely lean towards BSS, featuring layered sounds, percussion that peaks and mellow, tantalizing vocals. But there's an intangible quality that Still Life Still possess, a young, almost naive energy that adds life to their songs and makes them more than just another band to write off. And thankfully, this is only the beginning. (Arts & Crafts)