Steven A. Clark Reveals 'The Lonely Roller,' Premieres "Not You"

Steven A. Clark Reveals 'The Lonely Roller,' Premieres 'Not You'
It's been more than a year since North Carolina-born/Miami-based R&B singer Steven A. Clark signed with Secretly Canadian. Now, he's finally lined up his first album for the label. The record is called The Lonely Roller, and it will be out on September 18.

The title track of The Lonely Roller previously appeared on Clark's three-song 2014 EP Late. According to a press release, the 10 songs here mix bright, pulsing electronic arrangements with dark, confessional lyrics.

"I don't want to just be some guy trying to bring something back, but I always think there is room for a flawed character," Clark said in a statement. "The characters in the songs and me, they're often the same guy. That's why I use my actual name. There's no point in just talking about the character on stage."

Scroll past the tracklist below to hear the newly unveiled cut "Not You." It starts as a soft, atmospheric ballad before the beat enters a minute in, and the song is carried away on a cinematic, energetic groove. The thumping "Lonely Roller" is also below.

The album is available on CD or LP from SC Distribution, or digitally from iTunes. It follows Clark's 2012 album Fornication Under Consent of the King and the prior Stripes.

The Lonely Roller:

1. Lonely Roller
2. Trouble Baby
3. Not You
4. Can't Have
5. Bounty
6. Time Machine
7. Floral Print
8. Part Two
9. She's In Love
10. Young, Wild, Free