Steve Porter / Various Porterhouse

Steve Porter flies through 26 tracks on this progressive house mix, a pace that is unheard of for that genre. While most discs feature about a dozen tracks, Porter more than doubles it. Like his productions, fun, funk and melody are preferred over deep and brooding tracks. The tunes come from a variety of English and American producers — a third are collaborations with Porter or by him alone. The mixing is very smooth and the selection follows a logical progression, with noticeable ups and downs. With so many tracks flying by, it’s hard to pick out favourites or weak spots; any you don’t enjoy are over pretty quickly, and ones you like, well, just enjoy the moment. I’ll simply note Eli Wilkie’s "D’Vibin,” Matt Rowan’s "Keep Sake” and Chris Micali’s "Sentient Soul” are especially good. With all the quality tracks coming at you so quickly, this mix definitely stands out. (Fade)