Steve Ignorant's Crass Tour Postponed Due to Visa Issues

Steve Ignorant's Crass Tour Postponed Due to Visa Issues
Back in December, we reported that former Crass frontman Steve "Ignorant" Williams would be bringing a new version of the band on a North American tour this month. Billed as "Steve Ignorant's the Last Supper: Crass Songs 1977 - 1984," the group were meant to perform in venues across North America. However, as Ignorant explains, the shows have been postponed to April due to visa issues.

Ignorant revealed that the tour was postponed with the following statement on his website:

I'm really really gutted to have to let you all know that we have to reschedule our USA and Canadian gigs. There's a delay with the issue of the visas we require to enter the USA. We hope it will all be sorted soon but we will NOT be able to make the scheduled gigs.

I would ask everyone to please hold onto your tickets and give us about a week to announce new dates. We will reschedule as soon as possible and tickets will be valid for the rescheduled dates. However, if you think, 'fuck it, I want my money back', then do that and I will completely understand.

I know that loads of you have been planning to travel for these gigs and that rescheduling them will be a right kick in the bollocks for you. I'm really, really genuinely very sorry about this. Please understand that this situation is costing me and the band a load of emotional upset, it's not the money, it's the letting you lot down, the bands that we were going to play with, all the people that have worked so fucking hard to put this thing together and if we could have done anything to avoid it we would have. Honestly, with all my heart, there was nothing else we could do. PLEASE, if you could let other gig-goers know that it's off for now through your emails and face books or whatever means you can please do so. I know these are only typed words and words aint enough but it's all I can do. To say I feel a right xxxt would be an understatement. This is the worse thing I've ever had to do. We really appreciate your support and we will do these gigs one way or another. Here are the rescheduled dates that will be confirmed as soon as our visas are confirmed. Until the powers that be grant us entry there's nothing more I can do at the moment. Again, I'm really so sorry about all this.

Everything is tbc, pending visas, but we are hoping they will get issued this week.

The previous tour dates, which were listed here, have all been rescheduled for April. All new dates are available below.

Rescheduled tour dates:

 4/20 Brooklyn, NY - Europa

4/21 Montreal, QC - Club Soda

4/22 Toronto, ON - Opera House

4/23 Chicago, IL - TBA

4/26 Seattle, WA - Neumo's

4/27 San Francisco, CA - Slim's

4/29 Pomona, CA - Fox Theater

4/30 Pomona, CA - Glasshouse

5/3 Austin, TX - Emo's

5/6 Atlanta, GA - Masquerade

5/7 Baltimore, MD - Sonar

5/8 New York, NY - Santo's