Steve Hauschildt "Interconnected" (video)

Steve Hauschildt 'Interconnected' (video)
Earlier this month, Emeralds member Steve Hauschildt announced he'll be delivering a new solo set called Sequitur via Kranky on November 12. The kosmische musik fan has now revealed one of the album's tracks, "Interconnected", which is complemented by an especially serene video clip.

The track plays on airy vocal "oohs," gently oscillated synth patterns and some supple percussive blips, making for a very relaxed soundtrack to the new age visuals. The neon patchwork cuts between shots of a cosmic egg, pastel cubes and other light-refracting geometric forms. Wash away your worries and soak in the calming visuals down below.

It should also be noted that Emeralds will deliver their next album, Just to Feel Anything, November 5 through Editions Mego.