Steve Gunn "Ancient Jules" (video)

Steve Gunn 'Ancient Jules' (video)
Life really is full of mixed blessings. Just check out the new video for folk rock dude Steve Gunn's "Ancient Jules." In it, a motorcycle trip goes awry, but this ends up putting the guy in an jam session with an English music treasure.

The cut itself is a lick-heavy, road-rambling preview of Gunn's Eyes on the Lines LP, his first for Matador Records. The tune scores Gunn's highway adventure, which unfortunately gets cut short due to a faulty line of some sort.

Fret not, for the young Gunn gets picked up by English folk-jazz musician Michael Chapman, and the two end up bonding at the latter's abode over a glass of wine. After flipping through Chapman's record collection, they bust out some acoustic guitars and strum together.

You'll find the sweet scene below, while Gunn's Eyes on the Lines arrives in full June 3 through Matador Records.