Steve Bug / Various Bugnology 2

In attempt to write a review for Bug’s new mix, I found it quite difficult to just sit and listen. Rather, I was compelled to begin feverishly cleaning my apartment. The cleaning analogy is not so much a reference to Bug’s German descent in both blood and sound, as this mix follows closely the established traditions of Germany’s best electronic house epicentres (i.e. sanitary and precise, yet still holding down the minimal funk), such as Bug’s own Pokerflat, Playhouse, B-Pitch Control, the more dance-ier side of Kompakt and the recently relocated M-nus. The reference is more to a great mix that would spur a common level of energy on dance floors lucky to be graced by the presence of long time tech-house producer and DJ Steve Bug. Bug has adapted each original track to fit this 77-minute mix, editing, elongating or shortening certain loops, putting a new interpretive spin on how he feels each track best fits together. Starting out with an ultra-minimal number by Jeff Milligan, he slowly moves into space funk style of micro-house with Frank Martiniq and Michael Ho. Bugnology takes off into a more involved house beat with the inclusion of "Styleways” by fellow label-mates Sammy Dee and Guido Schneider. Canadian labels Mutek and Wagon Repair are featured along with a brief excursion to Detroit through a Carl Craig remix of Theo Parrish. Bug finishes off in a laidback funk mood with "Bag U Should” by Quizz, remixed by Charles Webster that features vocals of Emilie Chick. (Poker Flat)