Steve Bug Collaboratory

Steve Bug's fourth full-length artist album shows he's still producing grounded and consistent music from his collaborative laboratory. Steve has spent the past 15 years dedicated to being a DJ and producer, with releases and DJ sets that impress many interested in techno music. Wholly, Collaboratory is minimal and sparse, with low tones and slow builds. Highlight track "Swallowed Too Much Bass" features posh vocals from Paris the Black Fu (of Detroit Grand Pubahs), who humorously declares the bass "put my mind in a trance; it got my body to dance." The record culminates five tracks from the end with "Trust In Me," featuring Virginia Nascimento. This one song outshines the others on an already momentous and outstanding album. Virginia's gorgeous words are sincere and deep. Collaboratory would be a nice album to listen to this summer while enjoying the sunshine and watching clouds pass by overhead. (Poker Flat)