Steve Angello Human

Steve Angello Human
While Steve Angello is known globally for his wildly successful solo career and megawatt performances alongside fellow compatriots Swedish House Mafia, his latest work is inspired by a private encounter much closer to home. Human, Angello's sophomore album following 2016's Wild Youth, follows the artist's visit to a local church in Sweden from which he emerged having had a career-altering epiphany.
Professing to have found inner peace among the pews for the first time since having attained international fame, Angello returned to Sweden following more than a decade abroad to create his masterful 21-track oeuvre divided into three parts: Genesis, Inferno and Paradiso. Perhaps best encapsulated by the fiery "Rejoice," featuring the voice of megachurch pastor T.D. Jakes, the album can only be described as a rousing sermon brought to life with fiery synth.
Human marks a clear departure for Angello that sees him dig deep and experiment with new styles and forms of musical expression. The tried-and-true EDM formula of his past is abandoned in search of something new — something true to his renewed artistic vision. Though overtly biblical in some respects, Human extends beyond any religious undertones to highlight Angello's own journey to enlightenment. As quoted in Paper Magazine, he says: "Music is my blood so my belief in what I create is stronger than higher powers. I am my own god."
Human welcomes back to the flock one of EDM's most popular producers. His rebirth, so to speak, is nothing short of glorious. (Size Records)