Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier Announces New Solo Album

Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier Announces New Solo Album
It's been two years since Stereolab member Laetitia Sadier released her debut solo album The Trip. The record allowed Sadier to come into her own outside of her well-known band, a career trajectory that she'll continue with her sophomore effort this summer.

The album is called Silencio, and a press release describes it as "an album exploring the individual connection to a deeper self, placed in a broader environment, in a similarly fresh kind of way."

In addition to Sadier's own distinct sound, the record features guest appearances from fellow Stereolab vet Tim Gane, alongside James Elkington and Sam Prekop.

Silencio will be available on July 24 via Drag City.


1. The Rule of the Game
2. Find Me the Pulse of the Universe
3. Silent Spot
4. Auscultation to the Nation
5. There is a Price to Pay for Freedom (and it isn't Security)
6. Moi Sans Zach
7. Between Earth and Heaven
8. Lightning Thunderbolt
9. Fragment pour le Future de L'homme
10. Merci de M'avoir Donné la Vie
11. Next Time You See Me
12. Invitation au Silence